5 Amazing reasons to why you should use our wooden sunglasses.

There are many reasons to wear our sunglasses. Below you will find our top 5.

  1. Sustainability should always be in focus. By choosing sustainable fashion, we all help to reduce the environmental impact. The fashion industry has a big challenge ahead of it and by choosing products but a more sustainable way of thinking and a longer lifespan, we are a bit on the way. For every lot sold, we replant rainforest in Brazil through the organization One Tree Planted as part of giving back.

  2. Protection against UV radiation. The most important part of using sunglasses is to protect yourself from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. The radiation can lead to damage to the eyes such as the cornea and retina. This can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration, (AMD, is the most common cause of central vision loss in individuals over 60 years of age in the Western world.

  3. Style is inevitable when it comes to sunglasses from Wear Walters. Regardless of whether it's everyday, during the hike or the gala, there is a pair of wooden sunglasses that suit you. With the unique properties of the wood, each pair is also unique, just like you!

  4. Comfort is an important part when it comes to sunglasses. Because at Wear Walters we offer wooden sunglasses, our frames are both comfortable and easy to wear. Using sunglasses reduces the strain on the eyes that can occur when the eyes are exposed to bright light for long periods. Wearing sunglasses can also help prevent wrinkles around the eyes as you don't have to squint the same way. Our sunglasses are

  5. Reduce the risk of being dazzled. Sunglasses and especially polarized sunglasses reduce the risk of being dazzled during outdoor activities and perhaps most importantly in traffic.

Of course, there are plenty of great reasons to wear sunglasses. Only you yourself set the limits :)

"Elevate your style and reduce your environmental impact with our sustainable wooden sunglasses."