When we say we test wood materials extensively we really mean it. Our products are made only from the species that can withstand being used overtime. All natural materials we use come from sustainable and responsible sources.

Below you'll find the list of materials used in our products.


Walnut is a very beautiful, dark brown, and durable type of wood. It is suitable for bending and relatively easy to process, making it a good material for frames. The walnut can have a slightly violet tone and when exposed to the sun. Our best seller Monroe is manufactured in Walnut


Sandalwood often appears in fine carpentry and is sometimes used as incense or in perfumes. This type of wood is sometimes used in medicine. Whether you get healthier from our products or not, we leave unsaid, but the style, it's impeccable!


Ebony is a very strong type of wood, which is why it was formerly used as the black keys on a piano. Its hardness and black tone fit brilliantly in your Vidi on a hot summer day!


The red rosewood is easy to recognize by the color, which looks wonderfully beautiful in a pair of sunglasses. Rosewood is also strong and durable and is often used in the manufacture of guitars thanks to these very properties.


The yellow-brown tone of teak is gradually changed by the sun light and acquires an intense reddish-brown color over time. Teak is a brilliant material to make sunglasses in and we at Wear Walters love the combination of Teak and Ebony in the model Mire & Vejo.


Bamboo wood is a very fast-growing type of wood, it absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen faster than other types of wood, which makes bamboo one of the most sustainable types of wood to use. Even the fashion industry has adopted this and today you can even find socks and sweaters in bamboo - but of course also a selection of our sunglasses!


Thanks to its hardness and toughness, oak is often used for floors and carpentry in exposed environments. Oak is also one of the most durable types of wood and resistant to moisture.

Feel free to treat your wooden sunglasses with wood oil once a year to maintain the luster and shine of the wood.

Bio Acetate

Acetate is a fiber based cellulose pastic. It is a natural fiber, which makes it more environmentally friendly than, for example, plastic, which might otherwise have been used in our sunglasses. Acetate also looks really nice in combination with wood - what do you say about WA01, for example?!