The history of our favourite trees - Walnuts

Did you know that walnut has been used for centuries by people like the Greeks and the Romans for everything from furniture to construction? Yep, this type of deciduous tree is super-resistant and has some really beautiful grain patterns, which can be seen in our model Monroe .

The black walnut species, found in Europe and North America, is probably the most popular, thanks to its strength and resistance to rot and insects. People love to use it for outdoor items like wooden decks and furniture, as well as for indoor items, cabinets and floors.

But that is not all! Walnut wood is also a top choice for musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos, because of its density and clear sounds. In addition, it has the natural dark color and grain that makes it so beautiful.

However, it is important to use sustainable sources, since walnut is considered threatened in certain areas.

Check out Monroe, as mentioned earlier, or Crew favourite. ID03 .